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Audio CD (June 5, 2001)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Tvt
ASIN: B00005JCH0
Average Customer Review:
4.0 out of 5 stars
25 customer reviews
Amazon Best Sellers Rank:
#237,972 in CDs & Vinyl ( See Top 100 in CDs & Vinyl )
in  CDs & Vinyl > Indie Music > Rap & Hip-Hop > Experimental
in  CDs & Vinyl > Indie Music > Rap & Hip-Hop > West Coast
in  CDs & Vinyl > Indie Music > Rap & Hip-Hop > General
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Colleen Weiler
I love this CD! I ran out and bought it the DAY it came out (today, lol) and have been listening to it nonstop. It is definitely more pop than Sugar Ray's past albums but it works for them! They have some great stuff on here, my favs are "Stay On," which has a funky, reggae beat that forces you into a good mood, and "Waiting," which is very pop but also a great song. I cried when I listened to it the first time.. the lyrics are just really touching. There are a couple slow songs (Waiting is one of them) ...
Amazon Customer
Spankmaster has an array of booming beats, catchy rhymes, and melodies. For all of the Kool Keith fans that owns any of his prior cds, you will definitely enjoy this one. The cover for this cd gets a 10 for orginality.
Amanda Ringer
I personally have loved sugar ray from the beginning. This album self titled "Sugar ray" is full of radio singles i believe. Although Mark Mcgrath and co. have grown to be a more "pop" culture band, they've proved they are here to stay by this album. 1. Answer the phone- Great lyrics, catchy hook. one of personal favs. 2. When it's over- Although with alot of radio play, the hook is great and its in your head all day. 3. Under the sun- Very fun song, almost reminds you of past summers and friends. 4. Sat...
Great Album, Full of great songs!!
Amazon Customer
I just bought this CD today and I really like it. It's not quite as heavy as 14:59, and to me that's one downside. There are still catchy tunes and just flat out good music on this CD. If you're a Sugar Ray fan I'd say get it.
Pretty Awesome
Danger Powers
Undoubtedly the most prolific rapper and certainly one of the most talented and versatile, Keith delivers yet another mediocre effort. This album is highly original with quality production, but originality does not always mean good music. The lyrical content actuality features Keith at his best but on many songs his flow is just not pleasant to hear and I feel he is actually upstaged by the guest MCs. Furthermore, the chorus hooks are painful to hear and disturbingly seem to sound the same from song to s...
A disappointing effort from a past master.
M. Mark
Sugar Ray is like fine wine -they just keep getting better with age! What I love about this album is that the band is not afraid to say "we've grown up." Too many of today's alternative bands get stuck in a post adolescent angsty rut and are doomed to fade into obscurity. The lyrics on this album make it clear these guys are not just older but wiser as well. Thrashers who got hooked on the band's first album will probably hate this one. I am SO happy Sugar Ray has kept their sound progressive instead of ...
BEST ONE YET!!!!!!!!
Alexandra Perrin-martinez
I rushed to the store today to buy this CD. I needed this CD. And boy was I right. When the first few notes of Answer the Phone hit my ears I loved it. Yes I am an adoring fan but please check this CD out, it's worth your time.\nMy favorite song is either "Under the Sun" about new wave music in the 80's and Mark's memories (or the whole band's) or "Ours" which is featured at the beginning of the "When It's Over". The other songs are great too but since I just got it I haven't had a chance to burn them in...
Another Masterpiece From the Boys of Sugar Ray
Mike Roberts
Mark expresses his thoughts really idealistically and is quite clever to bring up this album to the point where enough is enough! C'mon!! someone else should write a review real soon!!
Sugar Ray's most serious album!
Chase C
This is an awesome Cd. If you like rock you would love this Cd. From slow to fast in beat. The beat is great. Great singing. Really smooth. My favorite song would have to be When It is Over track 2 and track 6 these sounded best. Great for all Sugar Ray fans and alternitve fans. Reminds me me of Blink 182 a little except not the bad lyrics!
Dr. Galactic
Actually this Cd is pretty good, I actually wanted to give it a 3.5 but you can't do that on here. I think the Guest appearances from Jacky Jasper and Esham are wack, Jacky just didn't sound to enthused to be on "Blackula" like he did on "housing authority" and other collabs with Keith. I think the track is still ill though, but would've been better if Keith stayed solo... And Esham is wack, lyrically and delivery wise. Keith puts out some of his better lyrics in my opinion, that line where he says "smoo...
Could've been better, but still Good

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